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Uranus and Hades: Obscene Corruption & Speculative Surprises
Uranus and Hades: Obscene Corruption & Speculative Surprises

This little-known planetary alignment is simply off the radar for most astrologers-- but its effects can be absolutely devastating!

A specific set of line-ups between Uranus and Hades can cripple the economy, fan the flames of revolution and discontent, send businesses crashing into bankruptcy, and create huge divergences in the markets.  

Those divergences can mean huge trading profits for you, but most market gurus-- and even most financial astrologers-- aren't even looking at the planetary action that's creating massive opportunities for the top astro-traders!

This thoroughly-researched e-book by Tim Bost, editor of FinancialCyclesWeekly newsletter, is the definitive guide to the most important Uranus/Hades alignments-- and to the specific trading strategies that can explode your net worth!


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This massive new publication from Tim Bost highlights an incredibly powerful planetary combination that's set to to whack the economy and slam the markets on two separate occasions during the final quarter of 2011.

You won't be able to avoid the impact of this life-changing planetary powder keg, but once you read this breakthrough new monograph, you won't want to avoid it anyway!

That's right! Most traders and even most astrologers will be completely blind-sided by this rare set of planetary configurations-- but with the advance warning information in this special report, you can uncover the high-profit opportunities that come with this cosmic alignment.

This one-of-a-kind e-book reveals:

* How a rare planetary line-up connects with times of extreme turmoil

* What to expect from the high-stress times that lie just ahead

* How this cosmic pattern has toppled governments and realigned economic realities

* When some of today's "hot ideas" for turning the economy around have been tried in the past-- and when they've failed miserably!

* How corruption in high places has been uncovered in the midst of chaos

* How this super-charged series of planetary alignments has been connected with a wildly popular social scheme that once dominated most of the world-- only to fade into oblivion.

* Why guarantees of personal freedom have perpetually been put at risk when these cosmic patterns occur.

* How past times of extreme repression and active revolution in the past are connected with the fateful circumstances we are facing today.

* Why we are likely to see some of the worst possible behavior from the world's most despicable people during the closing months of 2011 and the beginning of 2012.

* How secretive and often underhanded manipulations have been used to create huge advantages for a few privileged individuals.


"Uranus & Hades: Obscene Corruption & Speculative Surprises" is not just about the extremely dangerous times ahead and their connection with the sometimes horrific events of the past.

It's also about how YOU can profit from the big shifts that are going on right now in the global economy and in local markets, too! This book not only uncovers the grim realities of the past and their startling similarities with the circumstances we face today-- it also presents a personal opportunity for you by laying out a set of specific trading tools to evaluate the upcoming market trends.

Here are some of the key markets, indices and stock issues you'll find featured in this extraordinary report:

* Dow Jones Industrials

* Dow Jones Transports

* Dow Jones Utilities

* S&P 500

* NASDAQ Composite

* Russell 2000

* London FTSE-100

* Frankfurt DAX

* Paris CAC-40

* Sydney All Ordinaries

* Tokyo NIKKEI

* Mumbai SENSEX

* Hong Kong Hang Seng

* Sao Paolo BOVESPA

* Gold

* Silver

* AMEX Oil Index

* Japanese Yen

* Indian Rupee

* Euro

* U.S. Dollar Index


* Apple, Inc. (AAPL)

* American Express (AXP)

* Boeing (BA)

* Walt Disney Company (DIS)

* Ford (F)

* General Electric (GE)

* Goldman Sachs (GS)

* Google (GOOG)

* Humana (HUM)

* Verizon (VZ)

* Wal-Mart (WMT)


This exciting new e-book is a solid resource that will guide your trading now, and become a valuable tool in the months to come as well. It's packed with more than 50 charts, graphs, and illustrating, all designed to help you get a grip on the high-profit opportunities that lie ahead.

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