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Gann Secrets Revealed: Beyond Symbolism in Financial Astrology
Gann Secrets Revealed: Beyond Symbolism in Financial Astrology

Tim Bost exposes the astro-numeric connections in the essence of legendary astro-trader W.D. Gann's Law of Vibration in this 76-page paperback book.



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100 years ago, the legendary trader W. D. Gann used financial astrology to pinpoint prices in his market forecasts, and reportedly made over $55 million in his lifetime. In this book Tim Bost exposes the essence of Gann's work to make tools derived from the Law of Vibration accessible to traders who want a winning edge in the markets today.

This is the updated and expanded version of Tim Bost's 2003 book, Beyond Symbolism in Financial Astrology: Disciplined Forecasting with Vibratory Resonance & Power Numbers (out of print). In it, Tim explores the intriguing possibility that traditional astrological knowledge can actually be a limiting factor when it comes to understanding the dynamics of modern financial markets. He proposes a systematic, step-by-step approach that allows the astrological market analyst access to the mysteries of the financial markets, yet avoids throwing the baby out with the bath water by maintaining a genuine respect for the rich esoteric lore that has made astrology such a compelling study for countless seekers. This is essential reading for astro-traders, students of arcane knowledge, and serious astrologers who dare to look past the cookbook approach offered by unimaginative basic textbooks.

paperback, 76 pages. ISBN: 978-1933198132


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