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"Profitable Astro-Trading Opportunities in May 2011"

Join Tim Bost and our Financial Cycles Weekly Gold-Plus Elite Members for this recording of an incredible webinar experience! It's a full hour jam-packed with in-depth insights into the key planetary dynamics expected to impact the markets throughout the pivotal trading month ahead. This Webinar was originally presented on April 28, 2011 and features market forecasts for the entire month of May! Now you can download your personal copy and watch it in its entirety!

Our Price: US$29.77
Was: US$297.00


62 Stocks To Watch at the Jupiter-Apollon Alignment 62 Stocks To Watch at the Jupiter-Apollon Alignment
Whenever a rare planetary alignment takes place, we look for big trading opportunities in the markets. And in the summer of 2014, with Jupiter in a 90-degree lineup with the transneptunian factor Apollon, the opportunities could really be huge! Tim Bost has done the study and research to identify 25 key industry groups and 62 stocks for potentially profitable trading.

Our Price: US$97.00


DVD: Profitable Trading With Planetary Timing DVD: Profitable Trading With Planetary Timing

In this powerful two-day workshop, renowned market astrologer Tim Bost presents advanced astro-trading techniques that open the door to more profitable results for every trader.

Our Price: US$547.00


Harmonic Research Associates T-Shirt Harmonic Research Associates T-Shirt

Durable, high-quality, pre-shrunk 100% cotton ash grey t-shirt featuring the Harmonic Research Associates logo.

Our Price: US$24.95


Plan 9 For Inner Space by Tim Bost Plan 9 For Inner Space by Tim Bost

Tim Bost brings you practical, down-to-earth tips to reduce the impact of stress in your life today. Whether you're a trader, an entrepreneur, or just someone struggling to make ends meet, the solid guidance you'll find in this e-book can make a huge difference in your life!

Our Price: US$59.00


The Stock Market Collision Course The Stock Market Collision Course
Get this brand new ebook to survive the market mayhem! The markets are heading for a time of major stress, but when you're armed with this information you'll be able to set your own course with the astro-trading advantage!
Our Price: US$159.00