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"Profitable Astro-Trading Opportunities in April 2011"

Join Tim Bost and our Financial Cycles Weekly Gold-Plus Elite Members for this recording of an amazing webinar experience! It's a full hour jam-packed with in-depth insights into the key planetary dynamics expected to impact the markets throughout the pivotal trading month ahead. This Webinar was presented on March 24, 2011 and features market forecasts for the entire month of April-- and you can view it now in its entirely!

Our Price: US$77.00
Was: US$297.00


Astrology and the Law of Attraction Astrology and the Law of Attraction

Tim Bost provides the inside information on using the power of your horoscope to bring more money, more romance, better health  and anything else you truly desire  into your life.

Our Price: US$29.97


Astro-Trading Webinar:Lions & Lambs, Bulls & Bears Astro-Trading Webinar:Lions & Lambs, Bulls & Bears
In this powerful 62-minute presentation, Market Astrologer Tim Bost, the editor and publisher of, provides a step-by-step approach to astrological market analysis to arrive at a comprehensive forecast based on the logic of upcoming astrological events. He then reveals how this key information can be used to develop a practical astro-trading strategy for an entire month.
Our Price: US$77.00
Was: US$297.00


CD: How To Become a Stock Market Lunatic CD: How To Become a Stock Market Lunatic

Tim Bost explains how the cycles of the Moon can impact the profitability of your trading in this 76 minute audio CD.

Our Price: US$19.95


Harmonic Research Associates T-Shirt Harmonic Research Associates T-Shirt

Durable, high-quality, pre-shrunk 100% cotton ash grey t-shirt featuring the Harmonic Research Associates logo.

Our Price: US$24.95


Solar Eclipse Secrets Collection Solar Eclipse Secrets Collection

This special bundle of e-books includes six in-depth reports on seven solar eclipses! You'll get all the fact on all the solar eclipses from January 2011 through May 2013-- and you'll pick up amazing historical insights, trading strategies, and practical market tips along the way. Its more than 500 pages jam-packed with valuable astro-trading know-how!"


Our Price: US$197.00
Was: US$682.00